Recent Development

Since I learned to focus on each symptom and track where it may be coming from, facing IMG_0357this GIANT condition slowly became more manageable.  Since 2011, I found out I was going through a yeast overgrowth called candidiasis (my case is known as gut dysbiosis). The cause of the numerous symptoms I was experiencing.  So, I tweaked my detox program to specifically address it.

But despite all of my efforts, I knew something else was going on.  It was in January 2012, I found out my oral health was greatly impacting my body!  And was the link to my candidiasis!  Taking care of this MAJOR issue was another piece of the puzzle in my continued journey to healing.  Once this was addressed, my health continued to improve!  And recently revealed I was also experiencing mild scoliosis.

In the meantime, symptoms of Fibromyalgia continued to disappear.  More details to follow.

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