Our small batch company begins by sourcing only clean, non-GMO, gluten/wheat/dairy/grain free and real ingredients! 

LIRIO’s real, pure & simple’s ingredients are sourced from vendors who focus on organic and sustainable agriculture.  We support organizations/farms that work to remove toxic chemicals and GMO’s out of our food supply.  None of the dirty or fake stuff your bodies don’t need.  Only ingredients your body will recognize and know what to do and fuel it as they should!

Dehydrating process done. Ready for packaging! 🙂

Then we take the extra step of soaking the nuts and seeds before dehydrating.

The nuts and seeds we use are RAW.  Then we soak them accordingly to help neutralize enzyme inhibitors, to help the nutrients and enzymes become bioavailable and reduce or eliminate phytates (phytic acid) in the nuts and seeds.

soakingLIRIO’s island RAW granola is then dehydrated (gently cooked at a very low temperature) at 118 degrees or below to preserve its nutrition.

Finally, our team carefully and lovingly handcrafts these beautiful nuts and seeds by combining an array of flavorful ingredients!  We even make sure we create with beautiful music in the background to help our team’s creativity flow as we work  😉

The end result is a delicious yet super healthy RAW granola–chockfull of live enzymes and nutrients.  And 75% – 85% of the ingredients are organic. Our bodies are meant to consume real, whole foods.  And it’s one of many ways to support your body in maintaining CLEAN, HEALTHY cells!   So you can be assured when you have some of this raw goodness, you are doing your body good!

Lirio's Raw Granola bites

  • 75% – 85% Organic
  • NO artificial ingredients, colors, additives or preservatives
  • NO Trans fats
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Gluten/Wheat/Dairy/Grain FREE

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