Happy Father’s Day!

My Dad suffered a stroke back in February 2002 and at that time, I felt my life falling apart.  I was faced with the fact I may never see my Dad again.  So much of who I am today is because of him!  I am so thankful to be the daughter of a strong, determined, hard working yet loving father. Fast forward to today, I am amazed at how much he has been able to do and improve.  He is a true fighter and a survivor!  And am thankful God has blessed him all these years and is giving him the strength to keep going.  He is surrounded with a big family who truly loves him and continues to give him motivation to live.  Thank you Dad for all the years you have invested in me!  I am forever grateful!

My Dad!

And to the love of my life.  He has been the committed, focused, driven, strong, selfless yet loving, caring and tender father of my children for the past 19 years.  Our family is so blessed to have this man in our lives!  My children are so close to him because he has taken the time to REALLY love them by spending time with each one of them…I am humbled and encouraged by his example.

He is a leader.  And he leads my children with lots of LOVE!  Happy Father’s Day!  😉

This is my view of my husband.  Taking his journey with peace
This is my view of my husband.  A strong yet loving man.  He leads by example.  He leads me and my children with so much love that we can’t help but follow him.  We love you Ray!

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