24-Hour Fitness Healthy Living Fair!

There was a great turnout at last Saturday’s Healthy Living Fair!  So many 24-Hr members came by to check out what RAW granola is all about.  And eager to learn!

A big reason I decided to go forward with my start-up company is to bring awareness to Fibromyalgia and related conditions.  And how adopting a healthier lifestyle CAN reverse one’s medical condition or give one’s quality of life back again!  One way to live a healthier lifestyle is through adopting a clean, wholesome, living way of eating.  What we put in our bodies DO affect the way we function!  Maybe not right away if one is healthy.  But a lifestyle of eating “junk foods” will catch up!  Especially if one already has health issues.  And I can personally attest to this as there were many times I was tempted to eat the way I used to and my body would simply reject it.  Every single time I go back to eating clean, my body would just continue to heal!  [DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a doctor or a nutritionist.  What I have shared here is based on my personal experience and research over the years of dealing with fibromyalgia.  If you have a medical condition, please ALWAYS consult with your physician.]     

I met so many men and women who are suffering from a chronic condition or other illnesses.  Or just simply want to improve their health.  I remember being there!  I am NOT completely out of the woods.  And I am NOT cured.  But the quality of my life is returning. My hope is to use my start-up as a vehicle to help others.

Thank you so much Cari for the opportunity!  And I couldn’t have done this event without the help of my team.  My son, Sam, for set-up; my hubby Ray for teardown (and my biggest cheerleader 😉 and Rachael my niece for assisting me the entire time!  And many more help behind the scenes (my daughter Marjory & Chona; Brandon, my oldest son, for his moral support which is HUGE! And Jay & Angeli for their canopy).

Come and join us again next month, August 24th, Saturday, from 7 am – 11 am,  as 24-Hour Fitness presents another Healthy Living Fair!   Please save the date! And help us promote healthy living!


Snap shots w/Cari and my team!  ;-)
Snap shots w/Cari and my team! 😉

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