Mark Muñoz, Former UFC Fighter

“LIRIO’s Organics island RAW granola is just how God intended for grains, nuts, seeds, honey, and all the ingredients made by the earth to be. The ingredients found in this granola has medicinal purposes to reduce inflammation, increase metabolism, increased energy, maintain good glucose levels in the blood and many more. As a former UFC Fighter/Contender in the middleweight division, where I trained 5-6 hours a day and totally beat my body up, I can rely on not only the healing properties of the granola but the health benefits associated with consuming it as well. It would be worth your while to not only eat this delicious, great-tasting granola but to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.”

– Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Muñoz , Former UFC fighter/contender,

Tony Kim, DDS

Dental Day Spa of Hawaii: the Specialty GroupAnthony Kim
Anthony Kim of Dental Day Spa of Hawaii

“I’ve had the pleasure of trying several of Lirio’s handmade organic snacks and granola. I’m a biological dentist so I always appreciate healthy and organic foods. I believe the toxins, preservatives, GMOs, pesticides, and processed sugars are a major component of chronic disease in the world today. Which is why when I run into products that are formulated with careful thought into each ingredient, I’m usually thrilled and so appreciative of the thought and planning of the food. And when the food is delicious, it’s a win-win situation!

If you look at her ingredients’ page, you’ll be amazed at each ingredient. LIRIO’s ingredients are sourced from a non-profit buyers’ club, where all profits go to organizations that are working to create island food security, and or organizations/farms that work to remove toxic chemicals and GMO’s out of our food supply.

She also sources some of her ingredients locally which allows her to maintain the highest levels of quality control and it helps support the local economy and the farmers who are trying their best to deliver organic products to our marketplace. Some of her granolas are sweeter than others, and others have more a richer nuttier taste. So I love the fact that she makes different versions for differing palates. My kids enjoyed the sweeter versions but I don’t have to worry because when you look at the natural and organic sweeteners she uses, I don’t have to worry about the processed syrups so prevalent in food sweeteners. I enjoyed some of less sweet nuttier versions but I thought all versions I tasted were fantastic.

Much granola is super crunchy and I’m not sure why that’s so. As a dentist, I’m worried about super crunchy foods because of the increased chance of teeth breakage when chewing them. The versions of LLIRIO’s granola I had had a pleasant chewy firmness to them but by no means overly crunchy enough to crack teeth. She’s told me that her ‘secret’ ingredient is what gives her products the texture and chewiness. You’ll have to try them to see what I’m talking about.

Her well documented struggle with her own condition has guided Lirio in her creation of a product that fellow chronic disease sufferers can enjoy without guilt and without triggering attacks. So it’s not just a product for healthy condition free people but also perfect for those who have to really restrict their diet to stay away from toxic ingredients. I applaud Lirio for her vision and passion to make the highest quality, delicious foods that are nourishing for everybody. She’s let me know about some products she’s working on… I’m eagerly awaiting them!

I heartily endorse her products to my own clients and if you look at her website, you can get the most up to date locations where you can buy them. Because of the growing demand for her food line, I know she’s working on expanding to other markets and all the background support and equipment upgrades that are necessary to do so. In case you’re wondering why I know so much of her business, it’s because every time I see her we always discuss how her business is doing and what her thoughts on everything from baking techniques to sourcing ingredients. And last but not least, she has a strong faith in God which has guided her through the most difficult struggles with health and which serves to guide her in business and life. I know her highest level of ethics will make sure that no corners are cut when it comes to quality and ingredient choices.”

Tony Kim DDS, Biological Dentist,

Lisa Curley, Personal Trainer

“Lirio’s Organics island RAW granola…The BEST tasting raw granola with just the right amount of sweetness and texture…Lirio is dedicated to using only the best quality ingredients.”

– LISA EHLER CURLEY, Body Ecology Certified, Hydrotherapy Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer

Diana Hirsch, Business Owner

“Lirio’s delicious granola is full of REAL WHOLE FOODS that have been gently dehydrated (not cooked ) to retain all the beneficial health nutrients and enzymes that can be destroyed or altered from baking.  Eating healthy can be a challenge when you are constantly on the go, but Lirio’s island RAW granola makes it easy!   Even my picky teenagers love to snack on the Kilauea bites!  Eat well, support local small businesses and eat more island RAW granola!”

– DIANA HIRSCH, Owner of Passionate Raw Fusion 

Kelly Sweazea, Wife and Mother

“Our family loves Lirio’s island RAW granola. My son loves it because it tastes good, but I love it because I can feel good about what I am feeding him! The bites make a perfect snack for on the go and the cereal is perfect for topping my smoothies!”

– KELLY SWEAZEA, Daughter of Diana Hirsch, owner of Passionate Raw Fusion

Chel Elmer, Chef and Business Owner

chef-elmer-guzman-750“When Lirio approached me about her line of island RAW granola, I thought ‘this is a no brainer! Of course, I would love to sell it at my store!’ I saw her passion as she explained to me her healing journey and how she would like to be a part of providing real, whole foods and to get the word out that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

We sell Lirio’s real, pure & simple’s island RAW granola 2 oz bars and 3 oz bites here at Poke Stop in Mililani Mauka and Waipahu, Oahu. We’ve gotten GREAT feedback from our regulars as some of them now have a favorite and when it’s all gone they come back asking when will we carry them again? Heck, I’ve even started ordering myself cause they are convenient and taste really ono!”

– CHEF ELMER, Owner of Poke Stop (, Mililani Mauka and Waipahu, Hawaii

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