Main Staff

Lirio, Owner

Lirio Palompo

Before Fibromyalgia, I was a very active wife and mom.  My interests and hobbies were physical fitness, nutrition, reading, cooking, interior decorating, singing, and many more.  I also enjoyed helping younger women in our church see their potential in their roles.  And my most favorite, I enjoyed spending time with my husband and being with our growing active children.  I find so much joy in taking care of my family.  Then Fibromyalgia took over for MANY years to the point where I felt like I’ve lost my identity!
Little did I know God would use my illness to create LIRIO’s real, pure & simple!  And show me how He is my ultimate healer.  As He led me to many sources of healing including using food and nutrition to bring my body back to balance.
By His grace, I am able to climb my way out of over a decade long of Fibromyalgia and Related Conditions.  And I am getting my life back!  I am only continuing to heal and living a healthier lifestyle.  But this is not about having a perfect healthy lifestyle because there is no such thing…rather “pursuing a healthier lifestyle”.  In hopes of also motivating and helping others to do the same through their own research and partnering up with their PCPs (Professional Care Practitioners).  So, from my own journey, I’ve found out food can be used as medicine so I share all things healthy and treats that are nutritious yet so delicious!
I have also partnered up with Lisa Curley of “Living Smarter with Fibromyalgia” to help spread accurate awareness to Fibromyalgia.  Check out her website at

Ray, Consultant

Ray Palompo

I am the man behind the woman behind the business.  But I am also a student of Lirio’s healthy lifestyle and I’m greatly blessed by how much I’ve learned about eating wisely.

A healthy mind and body help me to pursue my joys of being with family, playing volleyball, reading, hiking, going to the beach and fulfilling my higher call of being pastor of Island Grace Church.

Rachael, Administrative Assistant/Social Media

Rachael Palompo

My heart is to embrace a healthy lifestyle by loving Jesus, loving others, exercising joyfully and eating natural foods!

Accounting & Administration

Bob, Accounting Consultant

Bob Arietta

At my age, health is priority. Eating healthy and exercising are indispensable.

Miya, Accounting/Administrative Assistant/Social Media

Miya Palompo

Growing up playing competitive volleyball has taught me discipline and the importance of a healthy body. My coach always said “what you put in is what you get out” and although we didn’t like eating healthy dinners during out-of-state tournaments, we would see an obvious improvement in the quality of our playing. Now that I am away in college, I still live by that principle and wish to help others do the same.

Kitchen Volunteer Helpers

Pam, Kitchen Volunteer Helper

I’m a happy-to-serve volunteer at Lirio’s. As a recent retiree, I like to fill my time w/ purposeful activities because I feel it’s time for me to give back to the community. Helping at Lirio’s real, pure & simple is one of these ways.

Samuel, Kitchen Volunteer Helper

Bio soon to come.

Marjory, Kitchen Volunteer Helper/Social Media

Bio soon to come.

Brandon, Kitchen Volunteer Helper

Bio soon to come.

Other Volunteers

Dan, Web Design

Dan Arcilla

Dan is a full-time youth pastor on the mainland at Community Bible Church in the SF Bay Area. Before becoming a pastor, he spent 10 years in the Clinical Diagnostics industry producing technical and marketing multimedia communications materials.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time with family, drawing, watching movies, weight training, comic books, volleyball, watching MMA, and eating Lirio’s handmade organic raw granola! “Everytime I eat Lirio’s granola, I feel a burst of energy that sustains, and it also satisfies my ‘sweet tooth’ the natural, organic way!”

Alyssa, Graphic Design

Alyssa Tiongco

Besides being a graphic designer, one of my main occupations is being a mommy to an active toddler. Since becoming a mom I’ve become more aware of the foods that I consume. I may not be the healthiest of people but I do enjoy taking care of my body by maintaining a fit and active lifestyle.

Christiana Oshiro, Social Media

Ashley Doyle, Kitchen Help/Social Media

Tim, Graphic Design

Bio soon to come.

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