DOWN TO EARTH is down with Lirio’s island RAW granola!

It’s confirmed.

Lirio’s island RAW granola will be in 3 more stores in Down To Earth in 2015!







Stay tuned for more details in mid January.

In the meantime, our line of island RAW granola will continue to be in Down To Earth in Kapolei.


Mahalo for your continued support!

Thanksgiving Hawaiian Style

In my childhood years in the Philippines, we ate off of banana leaves when we would hike up to my grandmother’s property in the mountains in her province.  I have fond memories of our tour guide, who was known as Uncle Spergion, hacking the banana leaves with his bolo knife when it was time to have lunch as we’d take a break from our hike.

Then the moms and aunties would grab the leaves and give them a quick wash in the nearby stream of natural spring water.  While us young kids would sit and watch, the older kids helped out in preparing the food.  Then the FUN part is we got to use the banana leaves as plates and ate with our hands!  Of course we had to wash our hands before we ate.

This year at our Thanksgiving lunch, we did just that…except it was at our townhouse.  And used ti leaves as we didn’t have enough banana leaves.  Not everyone ate with their hands. But a few adventurous ones did!

And I like how it was such an easy clean up.  Definitely going to try this again!  Hope your Thanksgiving with family and friends was filled with love, fun and laugher.  And are enjoying the rest of this Thanksgiving weekend!


Lirio’s Island RAW Grawnola featured in new magazine launch!

Magazine Feature

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Recomtech, Inc, a Japanese advertising agency and publisher of magazines for Japanese tourists and residents in Hawaii has launched its first publication of ‘My Only Hawaii’, a free magazine, in limited release available in few hotels in Waikiki and in Japan. The magazine contains shops, restaurants, tourist activity, and accommodation information. In their first issue, they spotlight new Hawaiian Culinary Arts and Lirio’s Organics was selected for one of their featured stories!

This issue will be available for wide release in July all over Hawaii. Although the first issue will be in Japanese, it will be available in English version as well in the future. Click the images below to see larger pictures.

We're featured in the "New Hawaiian Culinary Arts" section!
We’re featured in the “New Hawaiian Culinary Arts” section!
There we are on page 26! :-)
There we are on page 26! 🙂
My Only Hawaii spread
Here is the actual magazine spread.

First Samples at Down To Earth

First Samples at Down To Earth

Come check out our line of island RAW granola at Down To Earth in Kapolei, Leeward side, this Saturday, June 7th from 9 am – 12 pm.

I will be handing out samples and educational leaflets along with answering any questions. Should be a fun time!


SUJA known about you a long time ago!

Simplifying the array of store-bought juice in the market today has truly become a challenge!  As the market has exploded with so many varieties that now it’s harder to figure out which one to choose.

After juicing/blending EVERYDAY for almost 5 years now, I’ve learned from mistakes I’ve made in the past and learned how to do it the right way.  So to recently have found SUJA I was totally sold!  As the way they keep the integrity of the juice.

And honestly, there are days I cannot juice/blend so it’s nice to have some already made.  So am thankful I’ve found SUJA juice as in my busy days, I can just grab and go!

The things one needs to ask when a company claims to sell 100% juice are:

– Organic


– Cold-pressed

– HPP (High Pressure Processing)


And I like the fact that this new company supports organic and sustainability.   A famous blogger, Food Babe, said it best.  Spreading awareness about how our food is produced and which companies we should support will change the marketplace!

If you are interested in more detailed information on how to pick the best store-bought juice, read up on this link prepared by Food Babe.

And here’s the link to SUJA.

Island RAW Granola Now in KOKUA MARKET!

Island RAW Granola Now in Kokua Market!

kokua (1)

Good News! I am happy to announce my line of Organic island RAW granola 2 oz bars, 3 oz bites and 13 oz cereals are now in KOKUA MARKET!  The only Natural Foods Cooperative in Hawaii.

They will continue to carry my line of island RAW granola as people demand it.   So please visit KOKUA MARKET.  Thank you for your continued support!

13 oz bags of WAIANAE (Apple Banana Raisins) & KILAUEA (Mac Pineapple Coconut) cereal
2 oz bars & 3 oz bites of KILAUEA (Mac Pineapple Coconut) & KO’OLAU (Cran Apple Almonds)

Lirio’s Organics is committed to providing Hawaii and beyond clean wholesome treats.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity!


Secretive Attempt SB 110 (SB 3058) Defeated in Hawaii!!


Soon after two recent county bills were passed in Kauai and the Big Island, state legislatures tried to circumvent it by introducing a bill that would’ve wiped out regulating Genetically Engineered (GE) crops and pesticides.   A policy dictated by the state, not the people of Hawaii.

But the efforts of MANY  in Hawaii put a stop to it!  More and more of us are getting educated and are more aware of how there is a need to put a stop to this madness.  Below is the link by Center for Food Safety for the full story.

So many countries already reject GMOs.  See link below.  And from all my reading, research and my own personal healing journey, I am more convinced today that GMOs have NO place in our bodies!

 Support clean eating and local organic farmers.

Good Bugs vs Bad Bugs

What an eye-opener to find out the immune system is linked to the widespread pain of Fibromyalgia!  I’ve learned our gut is the first line of defense when it comes to our immune system.  Well, guess what’s in our gut?  BINGO!  BILLIONS of good bacteria!  And they are there to keep us healthy!  Our gut has also been called the “second brain” as the lining has network of neurons.  I don’t want get too scientific here but it is amazing to me that our gut actually holds more serotonin (the “feel-good” neurotransmitters) than our brain does!

Fibromyalgia is a multi-faceted disease so it needs a multi-disciplinary approach.  And when one has had Fibromyalgia for a VERY long time (which is usually the case), one soon figures this out!  As the multitude of pain drives one to find a solution!  If you’re going to have chronic pain, everyday and comes and goes (in frequency and intensity), you might as well tackle it head on.  And that is exactly what I learned to do!  Believe me, it is NOT EASY!

I eventually learned how to reestablish and feed my inner ecosystem by supplementing probiotics into my treatment plan back in 2008.  And later, my Naturopathic Doctor confirmed it and even increased my dosage to 100 billion CFUs (colony forming unit) at one point!  After more research, I later learned I can eventually transition to getting my good bacteria through cultured foods and drinks.

I have been making my own young coconut kefir for about 3 years now.  And this year, I learned how to make yogurt.  And to my surprise I had no idea how EASY it is to make both!  

Because I want to keep this short and sweet, I will only post a sample recipe today for a dairy yogurt.   I’ve used Custom Probiotics.  Body Ecology’s (BE) Kefir Starter is also another excellent choice (although I have yet to make dairy yogurt with it).  I’ve used BE’s starter to make young coconut kefir.

The following is a recipe by Custom Probiotics.

photo 2-1 photo 1-2

Dairy Yogurt Recipe:

– Half scoop of yogurt culture

– 2 to 4 quarts of organic milk.


Add half scoop ( 0.4 gm) of yogurt culture, per 2-4 quarts of milk at 100 Deg F (38 Deg C). Mix thoroughly and ferment for 9 hours or longer on your kitchen counter or pantry. Find a cool, dry place.  Then refrigerate the yogurt made.  Keep the yogurt culture in the refrigerator.  This slows down the fementation process.  

Scoop size = 0.8 gram. 

I was amazed to see the milk transform from liquid into a more yogurt texture-like form! I left my first batch out longer than 9 hours as it gives you the choice to do so.  The good bacteria just continues to grow and I wanted to see if it would get thicker.

IMG_0997 IMG_0998









And these are a few samples of what you can do with your dairy yogurt.  Make Acai bowls, smoothies, yogurt parfait and more!  And don’t forget, it is EXTRA delicious and nutritious topping it off with island RAW granola!

IMG_1088 IMG_3015

If you are not able to handle dairy at this point, an option would be to try using young coconut water to make elixirs or coconut to make dairy-free yogurt.  I will be posting the recipes on these next.  See you then!  😉

Credits:  To my good friend, Diana Hirsch!  She introduced me to both starters.  And I am FOREVER grateful!   🙂