About Me

Brief History of my Raw Granola

Back in August of 2007, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain (although my symptoms developed in 2001 and eventually became more frequent and chronic).  I was put on a treatment plan soon after, and one area that needed a complete overhaul was my diet.  My doctor recommended I start eating clean, whole foods–and to incorporate more raw foods to my daily diet.

One of the first raw foods I’ve tried was raw granola.  I literally felt a jolt of energy run up and down my body.  It was as if it woke up from a long hibernation!  This was enough for me to research and personally give it a try.  I began to eat more raw foods and made raw granola on a regular basis.  I shared this raw goodness with family and friends as it was too good to keep to myself!  They began to encourage me to consider selling it and it has been steadily growing.  The interest is definitely evident!

Today, I am doing so much better and continue to move forward in my journey of healing!

I’ve come up with two flavors—CranMaple & MacPineCo .  They are made with real, clean and raw ingredients.  Easily assimilated by the body and used for fuel for raw energy.  Moreover, it’s the flavor that has left many of my regular customers returning for more!  They are also very convenient. Enjoy!

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