A Whole Body Approach – Biological Dentistry

Once I found out I was going through Heavy Metal Toxicity (HMT) and had anaerobic bacteria in my gums, I acted quickly.  So, back to the drawing board I went!  Thank God He led me to reliable resources.

It took awhile for me to do my research as I didn’t want to just believe what anyone said on the internet.  So I asked local dentists, made phone calls, etc.  And wouldn’t you know it around the same time I was looking for reliable resources, Ora Wellness, a local company in Kauai, held a “Healthy Mouth Summit” for FREE!  So I was able to glean from these experts all around the world!  And was able to get all the resources I needed and confirmed Dr. Carlson’s work.

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I have yet to try their products.  But am planning on getting some soon!  Waited too long!


In the meantime, I was able to make my own toothpaste as part of my oral chelation and HM Detox program.  And was able to get ideas from Wellness Mama who was one of the keynote speakers at the Heathy Summit.


Below are links you can find detailed information on Biological Dentistry.




Dr. Glaros Talks Biological Dentistry with Dr. Mercola




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