Today is a special day.  My Dad turned 84!

And he continues to be an inspiration to me and my family.  You see he suffered a major stroke back in February 2003.  And it forever changed his world.  My mom and my whole family.  My Dad is the rock of our family.  He instilled in all of us many lessons including how to work hard, respect others and to be strong no matter what life brings.  And he kept all of us in line and boy do we have lots of stories to tell!  Pretty funny now as we look back  🙂

For me personally, I can still remember the days when I just needed a hug, my Dad was always ready to give me one and even a song to go with it.  Today, I can’t stop giving him a hug whenever I get the chance to see him!

HAPPY 84 years of living a strong, happy, full life Dad!  And we look forward to how God is going to continue to show you His grace and mercy as you choose to live life!

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