Happy Despite All Things

I saw Despicable Me 2 awhile ago with my family and never really paid much attention to the Happy song played in the movie. Until this past month due to my teens playing it once in awhile at home.

As I listened to the lyrics, it got me more interested in it and found myself listening to it more and more!

You see, I am really learning how to be happy despite all things. It hasn’t been easy for a very long time. I’ve gone through MANY ups and downs. It has gotten so bad at times to the point of depression. But things are continually getting better each year. And I can actually say I am happy despite all things!

And this past weekend, after celebrating another year of life, I am reminded difficulties in life exist to make us stronger and discover our hidden potential. And see God’s blessings first hand! I cannot even begin to tell the world how many blessings I’ve experienced due to my hardship! I am just receiving one blessing after another!

Very thankful!

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