My Son’s Scholarship Essay

Okay, this post is not about food or my healing journey.  But it is my son’s essay for a scholarship he applied for college and part of the application process is to post it on a blog.  He actually wrote this a year ago before he attended CMA.  And I am happy to say he has finished his first year!  Woot!  Woot!   So, if you have the time, please read and enjoy!  I personally think it’s a worthwhile read 😉

School Pride Scholarship

            When I think of California Maritime Academy, the first thoughts that come to my head are not that of a university, but of a family. This school works closely with its students to make sure that they are the most successful individuals that they can possibly be. The small campus of about 900 creates an intimate environment of students and teachers. This school is not only an excellent place to learn and grow in your specific major; it is an opportunity to become a distinguished individual that strives to be excellent as a contributor to society and a model working class citizen.
            While many colleges give off the allure and appeal of a party and hangout place first, academic institution second, California Maritime stands alone as a university that strongly stresses the importance of success. While other colleges may have a lecture hall, give a lecture, then send you on your merry way, this college’s staff works with you in order to achieve success. It is unique in that it provides for the students a serious and competitive work and educational environment while simultaneously maintaining the comfort and intimacy necessary for natural intellectual growth.
            Not only is the intimacy of the staff and students unique to California Maritime, but this university, unlike others, strongly emphasizes the role of leadership in the world. In addition to their studies, students become a part of the Corps of Cadets. This is the school’s program designed to develop the quality of leadership in each and every one of its students. Students learn to be responsible, work as a team, and lead that team while making use of each of its member’s strengths. Leadership is a key quality when entering the working world, and California Maritime makes sure to instill that into each and every one of its members.
            Nowhere else will you find a college that cares so deeply about the success and growth of the students that go there. It is truly a college of challenge and nurturing, two components not often found infused together. These unique qualities set California Maritime Academy apart from other universities and make it a college worth striving for.This <a href=””>scholarship</a&gt; is sponsored by <a href=””></a&gt;.

One thought on “My Son’s Scholarship Essay

  1. Great essay! Makes me want to go to college all over again. Sounds like a quality place to get an education and be prepared to be productive member of society. (Dad)

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